Meet the Minister Trail Marathon

Meet the Wee Minister Marathon ~ Start off on Forestry tracks out to the Allt a' Mhuillin path. Which will give you a climb (come on, you did not expect to come to the Highlands of Scotland and not have a good hill climb?!) to some of the most breath-taking views of Lochaber and the North Face of Ben Nevis. From this you will follow another forestry track back towards Nevis Range before turning off onto the ‘puggy line’ (a railway line that 'pugs' - a Scottish colloquial name for small steam locomotives - used in the days of the British Aluminium Co Ltd).


From there you will head North East towards Spean Bridge and Inverroy where you will eventually meet The Wee Minister! A wooden statue of a somber-looking Free Church minister which has been put back after being missing for around 40 years, the original was made of stone. Known as the “Wee Minister” he once stood near the track to the Grey Corries in a remote area near Spean Bridge.

The figure was so revered that people used to thrust coins into his outstretched hands in the belief it would bring travelers good fortune. A charity box is now there where the contents are donated to Lochaber Mountain Rescue. Although some say to rub the Ministers head for good luck nowadays.


You then return a short distance to rejoin the puggy line which gives outstanding views of the mountains, don’t forget your camera! After returning to Cour bridge you’ll follow the river before picking up the forest trail back to Nevis Range.

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